Karen J. Smith Ba., RMT, Owner

Why is Karen J Smith a Registered Massage Therapist? A serious cycling accident while training for IRONMAN CANADA led her to a friend who had recently completed the Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) program. The friend convinced Karen to allow her to try to rehabilitate her severely injured shoulder. Having a Registered Massage Therapist work through her back, neck, arm shoulder and chest while the pins were still in her shoulder offered Karen an edge to her recovery she was not expecting. Six weeks later, the pins were removed and she was able to return to teaching aerobics, lifeguarding and cycling. She continued massage therapy treatments on her shoulder until it was completely recovered and promptly applied to the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver. Upon completing the Massage Therapy program and certifying exams Karen worked for her friend for a year before opening up her own Massage Therapy studio.

Now in her 20th year as an RMT,  Karen is still curious, still energetic and still determined to pass on information and support in the areas of health, fitness and overall wellness.

Karen currently owns and operates her own Registered Massage Therapy Clinic with 7 RMT’s working as a team. She also volunteers  as a “trainer/therapist and/or First Aid Attendant” for her daughter’s Soccer team, her son’s rugby team and her youngest son’s baseball team. In addition to Karen’s Bachelor Degree from Simon Fraser University and a her Registered Massage Therapy certification, she holds certification as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, who specializes in posture assessment and exercise therapy, as well as offering courses and workshops in fitness leadership.
Currently Karen is working on her National Sport Massage Therapy Diploma. This includes courses in Emergency On Field First Aid, CPR, AED and taping (traditional Sport taping and “kinesio” taping)
The Karen J Smith Massage Therapy Clinic is grounded with a firm belief in the importance of community involvement. Karen and her team of therapists may be seen at such local events as the Relay for Life as well as one special cause a little further from the backyard – the Massage Therapy Program at The BC Professional Firefighter’s Burn Camp in Squamish.  After attending the World Burn Congress, Karen made it her mission to start a massage therapy program for the BC youth who attend the BC Professional Firefighter’s Burn Camp.  These are youth who are severely burned and are trying to come back to live life to the fullest despite terrible tragedy in their young lives!  She has now handed over the project to the Massage Therapy School to continue, and, she is currently working on another community project.

To read a magazine article that was published about Karen’s work at the Burn Camp, click here

Karen is a “long timer” in this profession and is still very much involved with her patients and her practice, still committed to challenges and still strives to grow personally and professionally every day!

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