Haida Mariana Irvine RMT

haida massageHaida Mariana Irvine graduated from Utopia Academy in 2008. Her treatments have a holistic, relaxation approach using techniques such as classic massage (often deep tissue, but not always), trigger point therapy, myofascial release, craniosacral and visceral manipulation.

She commonly works with clients who have chronic pain or tension from old injuries, repetitive motions, posture concerns, fibromyalgia, increased stress or digestive unease.

She likes to enhance her treatments with exercises and is in the process of becoming a personal trainer. Her aim is to combine mindful exercise with massage to facilitate balance, ease and freedom of movement.

Some of her favourite activities include Pilates, swimming, resistance training, yoga and hiking.

If you wish to contact Haida for more information you can email her at haida@karenjsmithandassociates.com

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